Deployment of Smart Transport Systems (STS)

Development of transport networks in Sergiyev Posad, Krasnogorsk, Shcholkovo and Fryazino

About the Project

Limited traffic capacity of roads and junctions, long and slow-moving traffic jams, a large number of road traffic accidents and inefficient public transport systems are typical problems in most regions of Russia. An integrated service package for reconfiguring and managing road traffic is one tool for addressing these issues.
The project begins with an analysis of the current situation, the findings of which are used for transport planning and reorganization of road traffic. Reconfiguration of traffic lights, changes to road markings and the creation of passing bays (where necessary) help to expand traffic capacity, substantially reducing the length and duration of traffic jams and improving the work of public transport.
To make changes. we install additional equipment to monitor and control the situation, integrating it into a unified management system and ensuring the continuous and smooth operation of the system. Multilevel analysis and adaptive algorithms enable the efficient management of the road situation.


reduction in average journey time
increase in traffic flow
increase in average traffic speed
Products Used
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