V2X Based on an Integrated Transport Management Platform

Deployment of the Smart Transport System (STS) infrastructure and V2X scenarios, as part of the nationwide ‘Autodata’ platform in a pilot zone on Marshal Govorov Street and Shkapin Street in St. Petersburg

About the Project

Efficient management of the road situation requires real-time data on traffic flow and equipment status. Installing STS infrastructure, connected to an integrated management platform, makes it possible to manage traffic as efficiently as possible through V2X-based interaction between infrastructure and vehicles.
The deployment of peripherals and the integration of all STS sub-systems into a unified platform have made road traffic management as efficient as possible. Over the course of the project, 86 units of equipment were installed at 8 junctions and linked up to the integrated platform. The platform is used to determine and automatically transmit the relevant information to drivers, via devices installed in their vehicles. 

Infrastructure Management
The project involved developing and testing 6 road traffic scenarios using a V2X network (interaction between transport infrastructure and vehicles). The use of scenarios enhanced the level of safety and improved the traffic capacity of the roads through, amongst other things, adaptive management of traffic lights and informing drivers of recommended speeds for crossing traffic lights on green.
Development and Implementation of V2X Scenarios


A reduction in road traffic accidents, including incidents involving pedestrians
A reduction in the negative impact of the pedestrian phase on traffic flow
An increase in the traffic capacity of junctions
Products Used
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