Since 2020, Urbantech Group has been working to create an inclusive environment for employees with autistic spectrum disorders.

Together with our partners and charities, we are drawing up guidelines to help technology companies hire staff with autistic disorders, providing them with a comfortable environment for career development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Autistic Spectrum Disorders
A group of various conditions characterised by difficulties with social interaction and communication. Other traits include untypical models of action and behaviour, such as difficulties with switching from one type of activity to another, a focus on details and unusual reactions to sensations.
We are confident that our example will help to boost the recruitment of people with ASD amongst other companies in Russia’s IT sector.

To adapt the working environment and business operations , we made a number of changes.
To adapt the working environment and business operations , we made a number of changes
We conducted an audit of the office to identify and remove irritants, such as printer noise, combinations of natural and artificial lighting, the smell of detergents after morning cleaning of the premises etc. Printers were moved to a separate room, one source of light was selected, and office cleaning was moved to a later time so that the smell disappears by the start of the working day.
We decided in advance on the legal form of an employment contract and compiled a new job description, dividing tasks into a large number of easily understood points. We also drew up detailed instructions on work processes, created a clear timetable of our future employees’ working day, and ran training courses for their mentors and colleagues. With the help of our partners, we devised and implemented a new selection and onboarding procedure.
We decided which jobs we can currently offer to employees with ASD, settling on the position of data processor. This involves a multitude of routine operations which are performed according to specific procedures, requiring a high level of concentration and attention to detail. Our ASD interns quickly mastered the process and are coping well with their tasks.
We regularly conduct internal surveys. 80% of employees think the project is important and feel pride in the company.
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