About the Group
Urbantech Group brings together developers, integrators of digital solutions, and operators of technology infrastructure for the transport sector. The product portfolio covers all needs of cities and urban institutions from planning and modelling of road infrastructure to 24/7 management of services and equipment.

Since 2016 Urbantech Group has been running the biggest road traffic safety concession in Russia and operates over 2,500 units of photo&video surveillance system. In 2019 the company launched the same system in Moscow and embraced over 25% of the city. Since 2020 the team has been implementing a series of intelligent transport systems roll-outs in the largest cities of Greater Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Makhachkala (the Republic of Dagestan). As a partner of Moscow`s Transport Department, in 2021 the company created a digital twin of the urban road infrastructure which embraced over 7,000 km and 1,7 million units of transport&traffic facilities.
We integrate hardware and software of different vendors to enable a reliable solutions and maintenance in 24/7 mode.
Our expertise covers all the areas of transport industry including safety and traffic management, public transport, maintenance of road infrastructure.
We provide the most effective solution for any stage of digitalization
We focus on an integrated approach to get the best results
Technological expertise
As a technology partner for Russian regions, Urbantech Group operates in areas of strategic transport planning, road safety and digitalization of public transport. Based on a project management approach, we make it transparent and clear for customers.
As a long-term partner, we develop and make analysis of any customers` processes and implement solutions based on data. To implement such an approach, we improve the effectiveness of our team performance and engage professionals who make us stronger.
traffic enforcement cameras and a safe region under management
average growth in road capacity with STS
average annual reduction in accidents
deployments of Intelligent Transport Systems in Moscow, Greater Moscow and Saint Petersburg
decline in road accident clusters over 3 years
reduction of road death rates
Investments and Partnerships
We are building a solution ecosystem for transport industry in cooperation with research institutions, fintech companies, industry vendors and integrators. In cooperation with technology partners, we implement comprehensive projects in transport planning, traffic management, road safety improvement for motorists and pedestrians, and public transport digitalization.

We are focused on promising projects incorporating solutions for transport industry. Both the "venture-builder" model and expertise of Urbantech Group team allow startups to speed up the development of their prototypes, bring industry IT solutions into the phase of stable growth and achieve their business goals.
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Group CEO
Commercial Director
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Business Development
Marketing and Communications
HR Director
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Worked in management roles in commercial banks and investment companies in the field of corporate finance and direct investment. Headed the direct investment and real estate portfolio at Blagosostoyanie non-state pension fund. Member of the Board of the Moscow Regional Branch of Delovaya Rossiya. Chairman of the Management Board of OKO, the Association of Manufacturers and Operators of Recognition and Video Recording Systems. Member of the Management Board of the Association of Alumni of St. Petersburg State University.
Andrey Denisenkov
Has many years of experience in developing and launching new areas of activity, both within corporations and as stand-alone greenfield projects. For more than 20 years led the macroregional departments of telecoms operators and fintech companies, including AT&T, Orange, TransTeleCom, QIWI India and IBS DataFort.
Evgeny Nikolaev
Headed commercial and sales operations in IT solutions, systems integration and transport digitalisation in major companies, including National Telematic Systems, Informzaschita Group, InfoWatch and Mera Software Services Group.
Daniil Khazov
Rose through the ranks from engineer to technical director, head of development and new products. Worked in various positions at SItronics, NVision Group, Technoserv, TEOCO and SpotyGo. Has successfully implemented projects on a national scale at Rostelecom, MTS and VTB24.
Evgeny Nagaev
Worked for over 15 years in major companies and investment funds, including Base Element, Rosnano, AFK Sistema and RVK. Was responsible for launching new business areas and optimising business processes, as well as managing hi-tech start-ups from incorporation to operational efficiency.
Yulia Onischuk
More than 10 years in senior management positions in IT companies. Experience in supporting and structuring infrastructure projects in the Russian Federation, including a focus on public-private partnership projects.
Denis Sidorov
Worked for over 15 years in management positions and as a consultant in the fields of marketing communications and innovation management. Headed the Smart City Lab project in Moscow’s Information Technology Department, participated in the launch of the Active Citizen project and the development of city-wide smart technology implementation standards.
Eldar Tuzmukhametov
Expert in HR management in engineering and IT companies. More than 10 years of experience in management positions at Unicon Group and LANIT Group. Since 2008 has taught a course in HR management as part of the MBA programme at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
Anna Shapiro
Over 15 years in the information technology sector. Holds a state award for organizing CCTV during the Russian presidential elections. Participated in the creation market launch of CCTV, interactive TV and environmental monitoring projects. Spent more than 6 years managing leading IT companies.
Andrey Volgin
Has many years of experience in managing major projects in various sectors of the economy. Headed the finance departments at Nornickel, Evraz, subsidiaries of Russian Railways and Blagosostoyanie non-state pension fund.
Evgeny Sobolev
Has extensive experience of managing sales and product development in the telecom and Smart City sectors. Held the position of vice president at the major Russian integrator Technoserv and led the commercial divisions of several IT companies.
Andrey Borodin
An expert in PR & communications with an experience on the leading positions at Media Markt, Russia, OMNICOMM IT company and CDTO Center (RANEPA)
Elena Trubinova