Integration of Transport Planning, Traffic Management and Infrastructure
Monitoring Functions

Integrated Transport Management Platform

About the Product

Integrated transport management platforms are an efficient way of centralising the management of an entire transport system. Equipment and systems supplied by any manufacturer can be integrated to create a holistic picture, enabling the optimisation of traffic management and control of traffic capacity, and road network loading. Using the platform reduces operating costs and improves the quality of transport services.
By aggregating data from different sources, it is possible to follow the actual situation on the roads. The platform provides and analyses information on traffic flow, vehicle numbers, traffic offences, accidents, and the work of public transport. All data are received and processed in real time, making it possible to take prompt action, including preventative measures.
Monitoring and Analytics
The platform can be used to build optimal road traffic scenarios, coordinating the operation of hundreds of junctions and crossings as an integrated system. The situation on the roads is tracked in real time with predictions of how it will develop. Based on these predictions, the system automatically adjusts settings (traffic light configurations, warnings on display boards, recommended speeds) to prevent severe congestion and optimise traffic movement.
Road Traffic Management


We have launched projects in several towns in Greater Moscow
The average journey time has fallen by 17.9% and 13.1%, respectively. There has also been a substantial reduction in the average journey time during the morning and evening rush hours (from 12.8% to 22.6%).
Road capacity has increased by ± 25%, and the capacity of slip roads from the pilot sections has increased by ± 30%, thanks to new road markings and passing bays.
Fryazino and Shcholkovo
Krasnogorsk and Sergiyev Posad


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