Road Traffic Safety in Greater Moscow

MVS Group operates the biggest concession in Russia in the sphere of road traffic safety

About the Project

Enhancing road traffic safety is not only about reacting promptly to dangerous situations and applying the relevant tools – it also involves working to prevent traffic offences and accidents. Together with MVS Group, Greater Moscow has become one of the top five regions in Russia to succeed in reducing road accidents and death rates.
We begin by identifying locations with high accident rates and potential black spots, before selecting the most suitable tools to address and prevent these issues. Analyzing the data enables the regional authorities and road traffic police to decide what action is required: speed restrictions, installation or relocation of traffic cameras, etc.
We ensure that the equipment is installed in the right locations and that it operates smoothly. More than 2,000 modern road traffic cameras are currently in use. All equipment is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency in any weather conditions, and repairs and replacements are made on a timely basis. High-precision technology minimizes errors in recording traffic offences.
Deployment and Operation


reduction in accidents, in zones covered by road traffic cameras
annual reduction in road traffic accidents
Social risk mitigation over 4 years
Products Used
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