An integrated platform for recording, monitoring and automating maintenance of Smart Transport System infrastructure


About the Product

An inventory is a system designed to maintain high standards of operation of STS and traffic camera infrastructure. Fully automated technical record keeping, business monitoring, operational task management and reporting processes reduce staff workloads and guarantee that the STS infrastructure operates to the required standard.
Technical Record-keeping
An integrated system for record-keeping and remote diagnostics of equipment which ensures that data on the structure, composition and status of instruments, their locations, power connections and placement within control zones, are up to date. The system creates a unified data base on existing infrastructure and promptly provides any information required for planning, development and maintenance.
Request Management
Provides real-time monitoring of emergency response, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance activities, ensuring the transparency and manageability of operational services and managing priorities in day-to-day activities.
Business Monitoring
Helps to maintain equipment performance targets and to minimise financial losses during operation. Assigns ratings to various equipment groups and defines maintenance priorities.


Up-to-date information on the location, composition and state of equipment is available at any time. The equipment functions reliably, providing any data required and recording traffic offences in real time. Automating operations make them more manageable and transparent, reducing overheads on support and development.


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