A smart system for ensuring safety on unregulated pedestrian crossings

Smart Crossing

About the Product

The smart crossing is a solution designed to prevent traffic accidents on unregulated pedestrian crossings with poor visibility. At a distance of 100-150 metres, the system warns drivers that they are approaching a crossing. Video sensors identify approaching pedestrians and automatically switch on the crossing’s lights. Signs are projected and a “zebra” appears on the road surface, while an information board displays a warning to drivers.
Prevention of Traffic Accidents
The crossing is brightly lit and the driver is warned about the crossing and the presence of a pedestrian at a distance of 100-150 metres. The warning system focuses the driver’s attention and solves the problem of poor visibility.
Remote Monitoring
Among many other functions, the system collects data, analyses traffic, records information on the state of facilities, and assigns access rights.
Process Automation
The pedestrian does not need to press a button to switch on the crossing – it is activated automatically. The crossing can be equipped with audio signals to make it convenient for the visually impaired .


The likelihood of hitting a pedestrian on an unregulated pedestrian crossing is reduced almost to zero, thanks to the multilevel driver warning system.
reduction in the likelihood of hitting a pedestrian
increase in the number of drivers allowing pedestrians to cross
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