A smart solution for analysing and predicting accident blackspots and clusters

Road Traffic Safety Analytical Module

About the Product

The analytical module is an integrated information environment for everyone involved in road traffic safety. All data from regional and national systems are combined in a shared data base in a common format, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring that all parties are able to interact promptly and efficiently.
Collection of various types of data in combination with a convenient interface improves the efficiency of record keeping and analysis of road traffic accidents. This helps to monitor accident levels and statistical indicators in individual road sections and control zones, enabling the prompt selection and application of the most suitable response tools.
The analytical module’s algorithms help to predict road traffic accident clusters and proposes optimal prevention measures, including changes to traffic management, adjustment and supervision of speed restrictions, installation of traffic lights and speed bumps.
By tracking the operation of road traffic cameras, the analytical module provides operators with detailed statistics on traffic offences. This helps to optimise the use of regional groupings of cameras by moving them to the locations where they are most required.


By using the analytical module, Greater Moscow has become the leader in Russia in reducing social risk and accident rates.

reduction in road accident clusters
reduction in road traffic accidents
reduction in social risk


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