Hardware and Software Package for Managing Passenger Shelter Services (PSSM)

Smart Stop

About the Product

Operating passenger shelters requires constant expenditure with no commercial benefit to the local government authority. The PSSM package helps to turn passenger shelters into sources of revenue, to encourage the use of public transport, and to monitor and analyse passenger flow to optimise the route network and the scheduling of passenger transport.
Optimisation of the Route Network
The system is used to analyse passenger flow. The data it generates can be used to predict demand, and make any changes required, to ensure that the route network is operating as efficiently and economically as possible.
Monitoring and Reporting
The system displays current data on the state of the stop and the performance of its equipment, recording any critical deviations, fouling and damage. Reports are generated accurately and consistently with a minimal number of system failures.
Cost Reduction
Ad placement , ticket sale services and other interactive modules generate additional revenue, while management of the stop’s power supply can cut electricity costs by more than 10-15% compared to a conventional stop.


Safer transport infrastructure
Additional revenue from advertisements and commissions on the sale of third-party services
Increased surface transport passenger numbers


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