Creation of a digital twin of road transport infrastructure and monitoring the state of its facilities


About the Product

Autodiscovery is a solution that automates the process of monitoring the state of road transport infrastructure. The aggregation and continuous updating of data on all transport infrastructure facilities enables the operator to see problems as they arise, to monitor the quality and timing of repair work, and to plan future activities and budgets more efficiently.
Creation of a Digital Twin
A vehicle carrying specialised equipment is used to collect data. A neural network identifies, classifies and labels road traffic infrastructure facilities on panoramic photographs at each point of the trajectory. Repeat control trips can be carried out as frequently as needed to update the data.
Preparation of Documentation
Autodiscovery can be used to draw up Road Traffic Regulations and Integrated Road Traffic Management Schemes on the basis of the most accurate and up-to-date information. Process automation minimises the impact of the ‘human factor’ and the likelihood of errors. It takes 2-3 days instead of 2 months to prepare documentation.
Work Supervision
Autodiscovery creates an integrated information environment for local governments and operating companies, enabling an objective oversight of transport infrastructure maintenance work and schedules. Guaranteed timely completion of maintenance work increases the level of trust in the authorities.


Precise recording of road transport infrastructure facilities and their condition helps to make the roads safer, to optimise transport planning and spending on repair and construction work, to improve work supervision, and to raise the level of public satisfaction.


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