Improvement of Public Transport Route Networks

Public transport networks

About the Product

Today’s transport systems do not meet modern quality and safety standards, and suggestions on improving them are often based on obsolete statistics and never implemented. We use the MATSim and SUMO tools to build dynamic transport models, while the OTS Lab FC platform for transport system quality monitoring and optimisation enables rapid adaptation of transport systems to any situation.
Route Optimisation
Existing public transport routes often overlap and are not well adapted to people’s current needs. We perform multilevel analysis of passenger flow and build a predictive model to draw up a new route network or plan local changes. This reduces the number of traffic jams and average journey times, while making public transport more accessible and raising the level of public satisfaction.
Effective Management
By digitalising operations, it is possible to continuously gather and analyse data on the state of the route network and equipment. Regular reports are available on 108 service quality criteria, enabling prompt changes to maintain operations at a high standard.
Monitoring and Adaptation
We continuously fine-tune the transport system depending on changes in the city and region: development of new residential and commercial districts, repair and resurfacing work, changes in demand (seasonal and permanent), and special events. By monitoring the data, prompt adjustments can be made to the public transport network, such as changes to routes, service frequency, number of vehicles etc.


A 25-40% reduction in average journey time
An increase in the value of residential premises along the main transport corridors
An increase in the level of public satisfaction

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