How to put together the road safety puzzle

Sergey Dianov, Business Development Director of Urbantech Group, spoke about modern technologies for road safety control, including AI-based developments.
Urbantech Group develops and implements innovative IT solutions that ensure traffic safety and improve the efficiency of road infrastructure.

How traffic enforcement camera systems help to reduce the accident rate

Urbantech’s experience shows that a systematic effort to manage the traffic enforcement camera units significantly reduces traffic-related accident and death rates. Our projects include a road safety concession in the Moscow region, which is the largest undertaking of this kind in Russia. Since the introduction of traffic enforcement camera system more than 6 years ago, the number of traffic accidents in the Moscow region has decreased by 42%, while traffic-related deaths and injuries fell by 40% and 44%, respectively.

Digital services and traffic enforcement cameras

The potential of traffic enforcement camera units is much larger than mere detection of traffic violations. Neural network technologies open up entirely new opportunities for their use, many of which are already being applied in practice.

Modern traffic enforcement camera units help to bring the construction waste management out of the shadows and eliminate numerous violations during their transportation and disposal. In just two years of operation, the system helped to reduce the number of illegal landfills in the Moscow region by 57%, saving over 67 million rubles of the stet budget.
In addition, Russia already has successful experience in applying modern tech solutions to control timber transportation. Practice has confirmed that they can help to identify timber transportation without permits and provide evidence for drawing up protocols on an administrative offense.

Looking to the future

In the near future, traffic enforcement camera units will be able to detect traffic violations committed by scooter riders and other users of personal mobility devices. In addition, the cameras will recognize the faces of pedestrian offenders, who, for example, walk on bicycle lanes, cross the road in the wrong place, or commit red light violations.