Moscow Region’s Ministry of Ecology Implements AI Elements in State Technical Oversight Practices

Moscow Region’s Ministry of Ecology, in cooperation with Urbantech Group of Companies, made its presentation at the 24th Mellow Autumn National Ago-Industrial Exhibition.

The participants were presented with an upgraded construction waste and soil transportation monitoring platform of enhanced functionality.

“At present, the Ministry, in collaboration with partners, focuses strongly on implementation of artificial intelligence elements in the oversight practices,” said Tikhon Firsov, the Moscow Region’s Minister of Ecology and Nature Management. “Some time ago, we created a construction waste transportation monitoring platform that analyzes data from the video surveillance system and identifies trips without an electronic trip ticket. Now this system can also recognize vehicles with overdue technical inspection. This is a pressing issue as out of 90 thousand self-propelled vehicles registered in the Moscow Region, many have not passed technical inspection and, consequently, may not be operated. This is a matter of road users’ safety, health, and life.”

The upgraded platform analyzes images acquired from traffic enforcement cameras, identifying vehicles by license plate numbers. The analytical module tracks a vehicle along its route, checks whether technical inspection documents are available, and what their validity periods are. This allows to identify, in a timely fashion, instances of illegal vehicle operation and take administrative action against those responsible.

According to Urbatech’s COO Mikhail Rodionov, this platform has allowed to reduce the number of construction waste dumps throughout the region and now continues to evolve for the accomplishment of new tasks.