Urbantech’s Joint Project with Moscow Region’s Ministry of Ecology Wins Silver at Russian Environmental Operator’s Green Awards

A joint project of the Moscow Region’s Ministry of Ecology and Urbantech Group of Companies won silver in the “Technology and Digital Projects” nomination at the Green Awards delivered by the Russian Environmental Operator. The project, implemented on the basis of the Construction, Demolition and Excavated Soil Waste (CDESW) Control Platform, made it to the TOP 20 technology initiatives in the sphere of ecology.

The construction waste transportation monitoring project in the Moscow Region also received federal acclaim. In late November 2022, at the AI Journey International Conference, the Moscow Region Governor presented the successful experience of applying artificial intelligence in the sphere of construction and demolition waste circulation monitoring and control to Vladimir Putin.

The project was implemented on the basis of the CDESW Control Platform, developed by Urbantech Group of Companies for the Moscow Region’s Ministry of Ecology. This solution allows to use data supplied by traffic enforcement cameras to identify and report trucks carrying construction waste. Furthermore, the system automatically generates documents for follow-up compliance checks and imposition of fines for illegal construction waste transportation and dumping outside designated sites.

“The issue of ecology is maybe among the most pressing ones, especially when it comes to illegal construction waste dump sites in the Moscow Region. Our solution automates many processes, allowing to process big data volumes swiftly. The silver award is a testimony of our effectiveness and our real input in the development of our industry,” highlighted Mikhail Rodionov, Chief Operating Officer at Urbantech.

The award of Urbantech Group in the category "Technological and digital projects" of the "Green Award" of the Russian Environmental Operator

The system was launched in the summer of 2021. Over the year, the system processed more than 114 million images; the Ecology Ministry officers used the resulting case files to issue over 3,000 orders against legal entities, for a total of 170 million Rubles. Since its launch, the system has allowed to prevent illegal dumping of over 1,600 cubic meters of construction waste and save 67 million Rubles on dump site elimination.

The Green Awards are delivered by the Russian Environmental Operator with the aim of facilitating compliance with the laws in the field of solid waste management in the Russian Federation, as well as developing and improving this sphere generally. The Awards focus on identifying and rewarding best projects and achievements in the field of environment protection and good waste management practices.