STS Stage Two Project Completed Ahead of Schedule in Dagestan

On 14 October, the Inter-Departmental Smart Transport System Task Force for the Makhachkala urban agglomeration gathered for a scheduled meeting, chaired by Dagestan’s Deputy Prime Minister Rizvan Gazimagomedov. The meeting participants discussed the progress of the STS Stage Two Implementation project. Daniil Khazov Chief Commercial Officer at Urbantech Group, spoke on key accident rate metrics in Dagestan.

He noted that by the end of 2021, Dagestan accomplished the Traffic Safety regional project targets. While the traffic accident toll reduced to 309 people, the Republic’s traffic fatality rate remains high. Vehicle collisions and pedestrian run-overs are believed to be the most frequent traffic accident types in the region. 

“In particular, we have implemented two traffic management scenario-based plan configuration and traffic violation administration modules, together with a sub-system for integration of external/adjacent information systems. Besides, effort has been made to upgrade and enhance 9 traffic lights units, install 48 street and pedestrian traffic lights, 9 traffic controllers, 18 cameras with a video analysis system, and 6 strategic detectors that allow traffic intensity measurements,” he added.

Moving on to next-year plans, Daniil Khazov reported that in 2023, as STS Stage Three Implementation project will be implemented in Makhachkala, 12 traffic lights units are expected to be enhanced and upgraded, complemented by installation of 166 new street and pedestrian traffic lights, 12 traffic controllers, 26 cameras, 15 strategic detectors, 39 detectors. All this will be linked together into a system that will allow to improve street traffic throughput in Makhachkala.