Azimut 4 traffic enforcement cameras installed in Chuvash Republic

In order to improve road safety, the Government of Chuvashia decided to install more traffic enforcement cameras in the region
The traffic enforcement systems are being deployed in all regions of the country as part of the National Project "Safe High-Quality Roads", the main goal of which is to reduce the number of traffic accidents and associated fatalities.
In the 7 months of 2023, the number of registered traffic accidents in the Republic decreased by 13.8% compared to the same period last year. The number of injuries and fatalities associated with traffic accidents decreased by 10.1% and 11.5%, respectively.

This year, 83 more traffic enforcement camera units were installed on the roads of Chuvashia. These included 34 Azimut 4 state-of the-art traffic enforcement cameras, manufactured by Urbantech Group.

The Group brings together developers and integrators of digital solutions for the transportation industry, as well as operators of technological infrastructure in transportation. It also has its own production site in Perm.

Azimut 4 cameras are used for automatic control of compliance with traffic rules and are among the top three traffic enforcement camera units.

They are installed in 42 Russian regions, where they help improve traffic safety and reduce transportation and social risks. Azimut 4 cameras can recognize 51 types of traffic violations, including both typical ones such as driving on the shoulder, crossing into the oncoming lane, and crossing a solid white line, as well as more complex ones. These complex violations are detected using neural network data processing and include unfastened seatbelts, using a phone while driving, and others. The traffic enforcement camera unit can recognize more than 12 types of traffic violations simultaneously. In addition, Azimut 4 equipment can provide data to the city's intelligent transport systems, which also improves road safety.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of the Chuvash Republic