The Ministry of Ecology and Urbantech Group plan to improve the construction waste tracking system

The OSSiG Сontrol system for tracking the movement of soils, demolition and construction waste in the Moscow Region will be upgraded this year. The plans were announced by Tikhon Firsov, the Minister of Ecology and Environmental Management of the Moscow Region.
"Every year we increase the degree of automation in issuing rulings on administrative penalties. This significantly eases the workload of our employees and enhances the effectiveness of combating illegal waste transportation and unlawful landfills," said the Minister. "In 2024, we plan to further intensify our efforts in this direction."
The OSSiG Control solution, developed by Urbantech Group, enables the tracking of construction waste movement using artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies. The image of the truck, captured by the Safe Region camera, is transmitted to an analytical module for analysis. If a violation is identified, it is then forwarded to the Ministry of Ecology for administrative action.

Tikhon Firsov also noted that the platform was upgraded last year as well: the number of cameras was increased, a "full-empty body" module was added for more accurate identification of potential garbage dumping sites, and a feature for inspectors to electronically sign rulings using digital signatures was implemented.

In 2023, 1,988 rulings were issued regarding the illegal transportation of construction waste and soils. The total amount of fines imposed exceeded 120 million rubles. In 2023, a total of 1,294 illegal construction waste landfills were identified in the Moscow region, including those detected with the help of the OSSiG Control system. In 2022 and 2023, 1,309 landfills were eliminated.