Daniil Khazov, Sales Director: How to tackle waste disposal issues with AI solutions?

Daniil Khazov, Commercial Director of Urbantech Group, spoke to Kommersant Business Guide about challenges the Leningrad Region faces due to illegal construction waste disposal and ways to tackle the issues with digital monitoring solutions.

Garbage disposal is quite a pressing issue for Moscow and the Moscow Region: about 50 million tons of construction waste generated annually, a lack of transparency, and an inefficient process lead to numerous violations during waste transportation and disposal.

"Urbantech's digital monitoring system helps to track vehicles transporting construction waste and analyze whether transport providers operate in good faith. It does not require huge investment and has vast development prospects," - said Daniil Khazov.

The set-up is as follows: traffic cameras make it possible to identify the vehicle transporting the waste and determine the waste volume. If a garbage truck does not reach a landfill but is seen on the road without waste, inspectors of the Moscow Region Ministry of the Environment receive an alert and information for further investigation.

 This project has proven to be a success. It enabled to decrease the number of unauthorized dumpsites in the Moscow Region by 60%, while the number of complaints from residents has dropped by more than 50% year on year.

In addition to developing a system for digital monitoring of construction waste disposal in the Leningrad Region, we have deployed a pilot V2X zone in Saint Petersburg. We have also developed a digital twin solution for road transportation infrastructure, which may be used for the same projects as the Moscow Traffic Management Center is currently working on.

All Urbantech solutions are focused on four key dimensions: transport planning and modeling, traffic management, public transport modernization, and traffic safety improvement. We are developing proprietary solutions and technological expertise to leverage the experience gained in the Moscow Region and roll it out in other regions.