Urbantech Group About to Complete Stage Three of STS Implementation in Makhachkala

The third stage of the smart transport system deployment is nearing completion in Makhachkala as part of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project. During the final stage of STS deployment, Urbantech specialists upgraded the traffic lights units in two more of the city’s avenues. Total of 12 traffic lights units were upgraded.
Besides traffic lights upgrade, this year’s plans include deployment of 18 smart pedestrian crossings on regional roads. In addition, installations of 6 modules and 2 STS subsystems were completed in 2023. Also, plans until the end of 2024 include construction of 7 weight and dimensional control sites.

The company embarked on the smart transport system deployment in the Makhachkala urban agglomeration in 2021. Following the first two stages of the STS deployment, smart management of traffic lights has allowed to improve traffic throughput capacity of downtown streets by 15% on average, reducing the traveling time by as much as 15 minutes.

The key goal of STS deployment is the automation of traffic management processes and, as a consequence, improved road safety and less congestions.