Russian-made traffic enforcement units, Azimuth 4, will begin operation on the roads of Uzbekistan

Urbantech Group carried out the first international delivery of domestic traffic enforcement camera units, Azimuth 4, to the Republic of Uzbekistan. 20 state-of-the-art units for automatic recording of traffic violations will be installed on the roads of Tashkent.
Earlier, as part of a pilot project, two Azimuth 4 traffic enforcement units were installed in the capital of the Republic. The devices have proven their effectiveness: driver discipline has improved in the areas where the systems are installed. By the end of 2023, Urbantech Group plans to provide an additional supply of 60 Azimuth 4 units.
“The company's entry into the international market is both a challenge and a part of Urbantech Group's business strategy. Additionally, the development of exports is a priority strategic development area for our country. Having accumulated many years of experience and expertise in road safety and the use of traffic enforcement cameras on the roads of Russia, the company is ready to scale up and bring domestic technologies to the international level,” said Sergey Dianov, Business Development Director of Urbantech Group.
According to official accident statistics, in the first seven months of 2023, 675 traffic accidents were registered on the roads of Tashkent, resulting in 71 fatalities and 787 people receiving various injuries. The most common cause of accidents was speeding, with 99 cases. Drivers ignored the red light 90 times.

The new technical means of traffic enforcement are aimed at reducing the accident rate on the roads of the capital by 15-20% and decreasing the traffic-related death rate by 30-35%. Additionally, the installation of new traffic enforcement cameras will help improve driving culture and discipline among drivers, while reducing the number of traffic violations by 10-15% annually.

Source: Urbantech Group press service