Transport Digitization Projects Produce Impact After Just Six Months

The traffic system digitization aims to achieve measurable improvements for road users, such as less accidents, more capacity, better comfort for motorists and pedestrians. The traffic system digitization features a complex architecture and, as a rule, is implemented in several stages, which enables a comprehensive approach to traffic normalization.

Urbantech Group brings together a number of technological companies that engage in transport planning and modeling, implement smart traffic systems and build digital twins of the road network. Importantly, the effect from its implementation will be visible if a holistic approach to transport problem solution is followed. It is necessary to not only upgrade traffic lights, install cameras and detectors, but to ensure the full cycle of STS functioning, from design to online management.

The company has implemented a number of traffic system digitization projects in regions, such as a traffic safety concession in the Moscow Region, STS design and implementation in the Moscow Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, and Makhachkala. 

In Makhachkala, the STS implementation project took off in November 2021. The company has upgraded 168 traffic lights, installed 49 video cameras and 28 strategic detectors. Besides, the Makhachkala Traffic Management Center was established. As the STS was implemented in Makhachkala, downtown street capacity improved by 14%.