Urbantech Group to Take Part in Cable Tramway Investment Project Development in Chukotka

The Agreement provides for, among other things, development of a cable tramway investment project to secure an all-year-round transportation link between Anadyr and the Ugolnye Kopi (Coal Mines) settlement.

As part of this collaboration, the region and company representatives will analyze the region’s need for new mobility technologies, assess potential socioeconomic effects of change, and will draft specific proposals on how to improve the Okrug’s regional transportation system.

“Development of projects in the country’s East is a priority for Urbantech Group. In the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, we see a potential for both evolution and digitization of already existing infrastructure and investment in all-new projects,” said Andrey Denisenkov, founder of Urbantech Group, as quoted in the press release.

Urbantech’s focus areas are the design and implementation of infrastructure projects in the public-private partnership format, and introduction of digital mobility technologies.