Azimut DT transport detectors manage traffic in Perm agglomeration

The installation of 152 Azimut DT vehicle detectors for monitoring traffic flows has been completed in the Perm urban agglomeration, which includes four territories — Perm, Permsky, Krasnokamsky, and Dobryansky districts.
The equipment determines the intensity and density of traffic flow, as well as the capacity and congestion of the road network. Vehicle detectors collect and pre-process traffic flow data, which is further used in centralized and localized systems in developing methods for efficient traffic flow distribution and increasing the capacity of the road network.

The vehicle detectors are manufactured by Road Safety Technologies LLC, which is a part of the Urbantech Group.

The vehicle detector unit is equipped with a video camera that captures all vehicles passing the control zone and recognizes up to 6 types of them (truck, car, bus, etc.), their model, make, color and license plate, determines their coordinates and time of passing the control zone, and checks the recognized license plates against the connected databases. The detectors will help reduce the number of accident-prone areas on the roads of the Perm Territory, relieve the congestion of the road network, and contribute to the detection of wanted vehicles.

Earlier, Dmitry Makhonin, the Governor of the Perm Territory, emphasized that the implementation of the “road” national project improves the state of infrastructure and also solves several important tasks for the region’s residents. They include improving the safety and accessibility of road traffic, reducing accident rates, injuries, and death rates, as well as reducing traffic congestion on the roads.

If necessary, the technical potential of the installed sensors will not only allow for collecting and processing data but also, after minor upgrades, to detect signs of traffic violations, such as exceeding the speed limit, driving on a divider or bus lane, driving on the shoulder, crossing into oncoming traffic lanes, and others.