Urbantech Group’s Project Wins AUTONET AWARDS 2022

The STS implementation project in Makhachkala Urban Agglomeration, led by Urbantech Group, won the National AUTONET AWARDS in the “Implementation of Smart Transport Infrastructure Advanced Technologies” nomination.

“In our projects, we always target socially measurable indicators for the customers and users of urban transport infrastructure. We are happy with the victory, won together with our customer, and feel sure that expert accolade that our project has enjoyed will allow us to reinforce our collaboration with the regional government for the benefit of all those living in Dagestan,” Daniil Khazov, Chief Commercial Officer at Urbantech Group, commented on the award.

The STS implementation project has been ongoing in the Makhachkala Urban Agglomeration since November 2021. Two out of three stages have already been delivered: overall, over the 11 project months, 67 traffic enforcement cameras, 94 transport detectors were installed, 36 traffic controllers and 234 traffic and pedestrian traffic lights were replaced, 11 software modules and STS sub-systems were implemented. By implementing this infrastructure project, the Dagestan Republic authorities aim to reduce traffic accident rates, make traffic safer for both motorists and pedestrians, and improve service quality for public transport users.

About the Award

National AUTONET AWARDS is a series of cross-disciplinary awards in the sphere of advanced transport technologies, available to commercial projects, private initiatives and startups that have contributed significantly to the development of Autonet markets. The Awards have been granted since 2019 to projects in the sphere of smart urban mobility, transport telematic systems and smart logistics. These are projects or solutions that have set a trend, captured public attention, or brought about significant changes in their industry.

Source: Urbantech Group’s press service