Derbent Ropeway Project Presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin

During Russian President Vladimir Putin’s working trip to Derbent, he watched a presentation of the Derbent Ropeway Project that in the future will link the Caspian Sea Coast with the ancient citadel of Naryn-Kala, Urbantech Group’s Chief Commercial Officer Daniil Khazov told RIA Dagestan news agency.
“This project for ropeway construction in the Republic’s tourist capital was presented by the Urbantech Group of Companies in April 2023 at a session of the interdepartmental work group, attended by the Dagestan Republic Leader Sergey Melikov and members of the government,” said Daniil Khazov.
According to him, the ropeway will be 2,850 meters long and will carry 500 persons per hour in 17 continuously circulating cabins, each capable of taking 8 persons aboard.
“This will allow tourists to take a bird’s view of this ancient city, while enabling locals to save at least 30 minutes on a trip between the Derbent Embankment and the historic part of the city,” Daniil Khazov explained.
A structural feature of the ropeway will be a unique arc-shaped support, 47 meters high and with a bay width of 24 meters. It will rise above a viaduct, allowing the ropeway to safely cross the railroad. Architecturally, the arch will be a postmodernist eclectic fusion of classical arches and doorframe architecture of the Naryn-Kala citadel.

The ropeway will set stage for increased tourist inflow to the ancient city, at the same time reducing the impact on the city’s environment and the pressure on the transport network from the growing tourist traffic. At the same time, the facility will be built taking into account the local context and preserving the design DNA of Russia’s most ancient city.

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