Autodiscovery.Digitization software included into the Register of Russian Software

The Autodiscovery.Digitization software, developed by Digital Roads LLC (a part of Urbantech Group), has been included in the Register of Russian Software. The technology is designed to create digital twins for 55 classes of urban and transportation infrastructure, including traffic lights, road markings, lampposts, and green spaces.
Artificial intelligence enables the automated inventory of facilities across up to 400 kilometers per day, with 95% accuracy, and in the shortest possible time. As the mobile complex moves through the road network, infrastructure data are automatically transmitted to a digital database in the form of a facility passport, complete with precise parameters, coordinates, and photographs. The architecture of the system makes it possible to integrate data into external regional and federal information systems.
“Our development has proven to be highly effective during the project with the Moscow Department of Transport, where 7,000 km of roads and 1.5 million road infrastructure facilities were digitized. At the same time, Autodiscovery automates the monitoring process not only for road and transport infrastructure but also for green urban infrastructure facilities. For example, in Rostov-on-Don, a digital twin was created for 1,200 km of green spaces. It is important for employees of transport and city services to have instant access to up-to-date information about the state of facilities to make informed management decisions,” said Evgeny Nagaev, General Director of Digital Roads LLC.
Source: Urbantech Group press service