“Smart” cameras helped identify nearly two thousand violators of construction waste removal regulations in Moscow Region

Since the beginning of the year, AI-enabled cameras have helped identify and prosecute 1.7 thousand violators of regulations for construction waste removal, as reported by the regional Ministry of Public Administration. Two thousand “smart” cameras are in operation in the Moscow Region.
“The neural network in the Moscow region successfully monitors the movement of construction waste. Moreover, artificial intelligence both detects violators and acts as an inspector, prosecuting them and issuing fines. Thanks to the use of modern AI technologies, the number of complaints about construction waste dumps has decreased by 19%,” noted Nadezhda Kurtyanik, head of the regional Ministry of Public Administration.
The Ministry explained that the cameras can recognize trucks in real time by their shape, identify their license plates, and analyze their routes of movement. Additionally, the neural network checks the availability of special areas for construction waste disposal, among other things. If any violations are detected, the AI technology creates a draft resolution and generates an inspector’s signature.

The violation tracking system is operated by Urbantech Group.