Urbantech Group's project on inclusive employment won second place at All-Russian contest “Everything Is About People”

Urbantech Group's project on the employment of people with autism won second place in the 16th All-Russian Competition of Corporate Projects “Everything Is About People: Companies Investing in the Future” in the category “Contribution to Creating a Society of Equal Opportunities”.
The inclusive employment project was initiated in March 2020. The first Urbantech company to introduce the practice of employing people with autism was MVS Group. Today, the practice is being scaled across the entire group of companies, and the project already has more than 20 employees with autism.

Having accumulated its experience, Urbantech Group has compiled Russia's first handbook for businesses on inclusive employment of people with autism. This is a step-by-step guide, from making the decision to start hiring people with autism to completing their onboarding.
“I would like to thank the organizers of the award for such a high opinion of our project. All people are undoubtedly different. It is very important for us that everyone can find their place in life and be happy. Of course, if everybody who is involved in this project came on stage right now, it would be filled. This award is for them,” said Anna Shapiro, HR Director of Urbantech Group.
The award ceremony took place on October 24 as part of the forum of the same name — the largest event that brings together leading professionals in the field of sustainable development, ESG and CSR.

The main objective of the contest is to help identify and disseminate the best and most innovative practices of socially responsible businesses to make Russian companies more transparent and competitive in domestic and international markets. A total of 146 projects from 98 Russian companies were submitted to the competition this year.

The “Everything is About People” (previously known as “People Investor”) project was launched in 2008. Over the course of 16 years, a fully-fledged community of representatives from Russian businesses has emerged due to this project. For them, the prerequisite for a company's success in the current environment is its intangible assets, including its employees, accumulated knowledge, reliable partnerships, and social reputation.

Source: Urbantech Group press service